Our Aim: Helping to Continually Improve Our Lives and World

Our mission:

Introduce a revolutionary, but proven, practical approach to continual improvement of businesses, hospitals, schools, families, and nations—all complex human social systems. More


This is the new Deming Library DVD jacket designed by the Deming Institute. It covers all 32 volumes of the Library. No longer is the Library available from CC-M Productions. To purchase the Library or individual volumes, go to www.deming.org.

With gratitude to executive director Kevin Cahill, Judy Cahill, and a team of contributors for their sparkling design and presentation of the Library, we have turned to other challenges. Clare Crawford-Mason is at work on a Deming-inspired book for every person. Titled the “New Wisdom,” it is a guide to the transformed thinking we all need to practice in our daily activities to live well and sustainably into the 21st Century. It is deeply rooted in the spirit and practice of Dr. Deming’s philosophy of continual improvement and cooperation.

We admire and support the Deming Institute’s broadening outreach. Through its presence on the Internet and with seminars, other public programs and collaborations, the Institute has accepted a global challenge. We see the Deming Institute as an assembly hall where students, scholars, managers, and leaders from all fields can come to deepen and expand knowledge of the Deming philosophy and its applications in every kind of human enterprise. In the future we hope the Institute will include the contributions of Russell Ackoff and other leaders in systems thinking areas of inquiry that can serve to increase knowledge that stands on or beside the Deming foundation.